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WELCOME to's Forum CollegeRumble_banner
is a Social Network where you "REP YOUR COLLEGE" and Battle other college students from other colleges in anything from "The Best Tailgaters" to the "Baddest Chick".  Just upload your pics/vids/etc. and submit your Rumble Challenge and The community VOTEs on it to see if you won!
Sign Up TODAY! It’s NEW!     It’s FUN!   It’s FREE!  
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The TALK YO SMACK ZONE is where you will find discussions going on about whatever College Students want to talk about.  Let us know what you think about the hot topics of today!

The RUMBLE ZONES is where the "RUMBLING" takes place.  Here you can accept a Challenge, Make a Challenge and Vote on your Favorites!   Zones include the Campus Zone (battle over stuff on Campus), Sports Zone, Gaming Zone (battle over your Gaming Skills), Smack-Off Zone (battle over your "Smack Talk" vs a Rival's "Smack Talk" about a particular subject), and More!

And the COLLEGE LIFE section is all about Life on the College Campus.  There you will find our Study LAB, and  you can talk about Dorm Life, Partyin, etc.

So...What is Up?  What are you Rumbling about?  Join our FORUM Today so you can Talk your Smack, Join the Discussion, and  Rumble Young Man, Rumble.   What a Face
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