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RUMBLE: Best Press Conference RANT... Mike Ditka vs Jim Mora

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RUMBLE: Best Press Conference RANT... Mike Ditka vs Jim Mora

Post  Admin on Wed Dec 19, 2012 2:30 pm

Mike Ditka

Mike Ditka's tenure as Saints coach is remembered most for his Ricky Williams trade and ESPN The Magazine wedding cover. As a Saints fan though, the Ditka Era will always be summed up by this classic press conference in 1999. The Saints were 2-7 in Ditka's third year of misery and da coach was asked about his quarterback situation. It's no wonder Ditka was so angry, his quarterbacks were Danny Wuerffel, Billy Joe Hobert, Billy Joe Tolliver, and rookie Jake Delhomme. That's why Ditka failed in New Orleans.

Jim Mora - Diddly Poo

Another classic rant from a former Saints coach. (And Sean Payton thinks he has it bad with this bounty stuff?) When Jim Mora was Saints coach, he unleashed "diddly poo" on the unsuspecting masses after an especially humiliating loss to the Panthers in 1996. The next day, Mora resigned.

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